Piskarajući tekstove za #bepartofit ovak to skombam za promjenu na engleskom.

Pour yourself a warm cup of tea or a glass of akevitt, grab your smartphone and join us for a weekend getaway.

Why? Zagreb. Advent.

Summer time is so 5 months ago. Now is the time when there is no fear of getting sunburned and I'm sure you’ve had enough of sailing.

This is the time where snowball fights are an olympic sport and 'hohoho' is a proper way how people laugh. But, let's be serious for a second!

Zagreb won the title for the best Christmas market in Europe, two times in a row! You probably want to see what it is like to hold it for 3 years.

There are plenty of things to keep you entertained. Live music you hardly can't dance on to, mulled wine mixed with a scent of happiness, rakija as our traditional spirit, ice skating on the beautiful square next to the Central Railway Station, food so delicious that it would bring tears to one's eyes, craft toys for the youngsters, shiny happy people and a whole mind-blowing ambient.

So... If I told you that you can experience magic without searching for witches and wizards, and that you can be part of this year's Christmas story... Would you come or YES? ☺

I know the answer, trust me!